Wednesday, 5 July 2017

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Week 10

Jacob,Enzo,Tom and I are designing a model playground something that is working is my group because we all help each other with ideas and helping each other with glueing and painting. A struggle is limited resources because we need glue to make our objects for our playground but we only have 2 sticks of glue! And we need popsicle sticks but we have a handful of sticks. A improvement we have to make is colour because with no colour our playground looks horrible and plain. Our next step is to add more colour and to make more structures because it looks empty.
Week 10 
Playground Plan 
This week we got to chose out of designing a game of push or pull. Designing a model playground or a balloon powered vehicle. I'm working with Enzo, Jacob,Tom and I 
To make the playground we are going to have to get popsicle sticks, toothpicks, paint, cardboard and string.
On our playground we are going to make a merry go round, slide, flying fox,tullen and monkey bars.
To make the merry go round we will have to
Cut a circle out of cardboard 
Poke a pin in the middle of the merry go round 
Put the pin into the floor of our playground 
Put pipe cleaners to make the bars of the merry go round.
To make the slide we will have to 
get cardboard paper to make the slide
Make the climbing wall out of popsicle sticks 
Put blue tack to make the grips of the climbing wall 
Hot glue the climbing wall and the slide together 
To make the flying fox we will have to do 

Make a tall tower out of popsicle sticks 
Then make a smaller tower out of popsicle sticks 
Put a toothpick on both towers 
Connect the string between both towers toothpicks 
To make the tunnel we will have to 
Get a toilet roll 
Glue popsicle sticks around the toilet roll
Glue the tunnel to the platforms 
To make the monkey bars we will have to 
Tape 3 toothpicks together 
Glue toothpicks to the frame. (Evenly spaced)
Make a H shape out of toothpicks x2
Stick the H shape into the base 
Glue the frame onto the H shaped stands.
To make the swing we have to 
Get 5 toothpicks 
Put two on the left and right to make the legs 
Glue on across the top of the swing 
Put 2 little pieces of rope hanging from the top tooth 
Cut some paper out into a circle shape 
Glue the circle on the rope
To make the box we are using we Have to
Paint the bottom of box green to make a grass effect 
Cut the side of the box into a triangle shape so it looks like a fence paint the the fence brown 
Cut the front of the box to make a door then put a toothpick across the top of the door 
Week 8
Our push and pull. Push and pull is a part of Isaac Part of Issac newton's laws of motion another part of Isaac newton's laws is an object in motion will stay in motion unless it is moved.  for push and pull there is always a reaction for every action so when you. Push on a door it will open because of push. Pull is like my pulling on a rope. Gravity keeps you on the floor and everything on Earth. Acceleration is speed so when you're running that's acceleration because you're moving.

To make my catapult I worked with Enzo I used sticks, tape and a spoon. First we used 1 cotton ball then put on a rubber band then 2 rubber bands then 3 all the way up to 10. After that we used 3 cotton balls instead of 1.

To gather my data I used a ruler I changed my catapult because Enzo and mine one broke. So we used Coopers and we  made a improvement on it by taping it instead of using rubber bands. 

In new learning I can use push and pull and some of the work we did in E.S.O.L and discovery time projects. Even  math badges and real life projects at home. Because at E.S.O.L I have to do writing about gravity. At home I use push and pull all over the place like when I'm doing a experiment with my mum or cousin.

Week 7
Mini golf 
This week we go to chose between mini golf and pulleys I worked with Enzo,Jacob,Hamish,Thomas and Zoe we made mini golf course with wood, pencils, books, tape, rules and ping pong balls. First we put the wood against a chair then put the books on the side of the wood so the ball doesn't fall off. After we taped pencils to the ramp it went really well so at the start the ball fell off but in the end it was okay. 

I wonder what would happen if changed the angle of the wood?

I wonder what would happen if we used a heavier/lighter ball
Week 7 
This week I did catapults. I worked with Enzo. We started with 1 ball and measured how far it went. Then we put 1 rubber band on the ball then we measured it then 2 rubber bands then 3 all the way up to 10.
We had to be careful about where to place the catapult and the measuring had to be spot on. The results for test one, which had no rubber bands were 1 meter 79. Test two went 2 meters 23 with one rubber band. Test three went 5 meter 84 with two rubber bands.  Test four went 7 meters one with 4 rubber bands. Test 5 went 8 meters 7 with 5 bands. Test 6 went 7 meters 81 with 5 bands. On the 7th test my catapult snapped  because I pushed too hard back and then I tried to tape it back together but that didn't work.
And I think test 5 went far because it just the right weight but test 6 went sorter because of too much weight.

I wonder how far my catapult would go with 6 bands?

I wonder what would happen if we used 3 balls ?


Week 6
Ping pong
I got to choose between 3 activities this week. They were basketball bounce, ping pong ramps and chair pulleys.
I chose to do ping pong ramps because I did it the week before and it was my favourite one and I could improve on my old design. I worked with Tom, Enzo, Cooper, Zoe and Thomas.

 To make the ramp I used dictionaries, wood meter rulers and paper. On our first test run the ping pong ball fell off the side of the wood because we had no barriers to keep on the side of the wood. The gravity was pushing the ping pong ball down the ramp. The next time we tried it again but we put barriers on the side of the ramp to keep the ping pong ball going in a straight line.
It was banging against the barriers to make its way down.
The angle of the ramp pushed the ball down a medium speed. We had to change the angle of the many times to make it work.

 I wonder what would happen if you made a roof and bounced the ball down the ramp? 

I wonder how far the ball would go if you let the ball keep rolling when it reached the bottom?

Week 5
This week I continue making catapults this time used a rubber bands and fired my catapult and it went the shortest out of all my test runs. Then everyone did a catapult competition, I went up to fire and then Danielle said “that's not a catapult you need a stand” so I got 2 sticks. Taped one stick on the left and one on the right I put my catapult down and the sticks snapped and then I had to go to E.S.O.L
I wonder what would happen if I got more sticks and taped them to the side?

I wonder what would happen if I held the catapult
In the air when I fired it?

Week 4
This week we had the choice to do Rocket Balloons or catapults. I choose catapults because I like making objects and testing them out. To make the catapult I used 8 sticks, a spoon and tape the first time I shot my catapult it went really far. But it did not count as a catapult so I had to make a stand for it. The second time I fired it went shorter than the first time.
I wonder what would happen if I use a rubber band to fire the catapult?
I wonder what would happen if I used I metal ball?

Monday, 26 June 2017

High ropes

High Ropes
At camp we finally got off the bus it was horrible everyone was yelling and screaming. I felt like I was in prison being forced to stay on the horrible bus that I despised. I was looking forward to lying down for a little then this loud storming voice yelled “everyone get over here!” No! I had a nice afternoon planned. They called out the groups. I got lucky I was in my best friends group. I wondered what we were doing first hopefully orienteering or archery. We did none of those we did the worst thing of all high ropes. So we walked there, we were working with this person called Ollie. He said “put on your helmet and fasten your straps” I'm so going to die I thought.

I looked up it seemed as tall as a skyscraper. I got to the top of the ladder and then a saw the rope, the wind was crazy. I started walking, holding on to the rope as tight as I could . Everyone below me looked like ants. I tried to reach the next rope I couldn't reach so I asked to come down. They wouldn't let me they said I had to be farther out or it won't be safe. That's probably not true so I thought  about my opinions. Opinion one: risk the jump. Opinion two: jump to the rope. I chose to jump. I made it! was so happy I yelled “I'm coming down now”.

after High ropes I asked Jacob how he liked high ropes ? He said it was “really fun and scary” he asked me how I liked high ropes. I said “very very scary and I told him how you have to take risks to get to the next stage”.  He said why I said “ because I had to jump to get to the next rope” he said geez I'm lucky I did not do that activity at high ropes. In the inside I really didn't like high ropes and I learnt that going further than you can, can make you proud on the inside and makes you want to do more.


Monday, 5 June 2017

Clothing writing

I am beautiful I am always put on for every party and business meeting I was made in Italy with all my other friends.

 But  I wanted to move around and explore the world. Then one day someone put me in wooden crate next thing you know I'm in a store. I thought to myself maybe someone will buy me , I could travel the world but every time someone walked through that door I was put on every time then I was put back down when they saw the price.

But one day a man walked through that door he demanded the best looking item in the store and he pointed at me, he picked me up and said “I love it I'll take it” The shopkeeper said “that would be   10000 Dollars please” He pulled a ruby out of his bag and gave it to the shopkeeper and said keep the change and that's when I knew it was a good life for me.

 His Butler folded  me and put me in a 24 carat gold briefcase and put me in his limo. We drove to his home so I thought, we stopped at this weird place called an airport and we got into something called plane and in 6 hours we were in America.

We got back into the car then to his home and home was beautiful. He put me in his closet and was there until the morning, he went to the mall to get money and then a guy with a pistol entered the bank and told everyone to get on floor. My owner didn't, everyone was yelling “?   get down!” but he did not give in the robber counted to 3 he did nothing. So he got shot the police came 10 minutes later and the criminal was arrested, 10 days later I was underground for the rest of my life.

Monday, 22 May 2017


Hyper person 
Amazing athlete
Really happy
Really like the cold 
Youngest in the family 

With extremely awesome family 
Extremely cool friends 
Shoes that are blue
Totally awesome 
Egg Xcellent puns 
Nice family 
Ruby red is my favourite colour 
Amazed easily

Monday, 27 March 2017


I am the red hat in the corner of the room
I am the red jelly that shines on table ready to be eaten 
I am that dragon that you you see pasting the moon at midnight 
I smell like the red rose that's all alone in the garden
I am even the last Jaffa in the box of Jaffas 
I am Elmo who makes kids laugh 
I am even red zooming in the ski 
What colour am I red

Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Tena koutou 
Ko te tihi o kahukura te maunga 
Ko Ōtakaro te awa 
Ko Waimairi te Kura 
Ko Ngāti Aotearoa te iwi 
Ko Jonny taku papa
Ko Analyn taku mama
Ko Otautahi ahau
Ko Harry taku ingoa 
Tena koutou tena koutou tena koutou tena koutou katoa

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Hide and seek 

The prickly bush nails into my skin.
The voices of the teachers saying, found you.
I see her.
Don't move don't talk don't do anything .
The seeker walks into the forest 
As the trees are dancing in the wind 
I dash a cross the field
Hopping she won't find me 
She is going to find me for sure.
Man I don't want to go back,
Write about this!
We'll here I am now 
I hear the loud voice of mrs Bentall 
I get by hide a tree I think to myself 
I'm I the last one 
The sound of big foot steps maybe it's, it's” the Seekers.
The  loud voice says I found you!